Building the Next Generation Network Infrastructure

Cat5e LAN Cable

High performance ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B compliant Category 5e UTP cables for mission critical LAN applications or
structured cabling system at affordable prices.




24 AWG(0.5mm)Bare annealed copper wire


High density polyethylene


Two insulated conductors are twisted into a pair.



1P White with Blue stripe X Blue

2P White with Orange stripe X Orange

3P White with Green stripe X Green

4P White with Brown stripe X Brown

Outer sheath

FR-PVC or LSFH sheath

Electrical Characteristics at 20

 Conductor Resistance(20)

Standard: 8.87Ω/100m

Max: 9.35Ω/100m

Conductor resistance unbalance

Max: 5

Dielectric strength

DC 2500V/3 sec., No defect

Min. Insulation Resistance

Min. 1,500M Ω/km

Mutual Capacitance nF/km(1KHz)

Average 5.6nF/100m↓

Capacitance unbalance(at 1KHz)

Max. 330 pF/100m