Building the Next Generation Network Infrastructure

Communication Cable

The communication cable is the major diaphysis of communication construction and information industry. We always make every endeavor to constantly increase quality and strive for perfection by purchasing import high-tech machines, equipment and test instruments from Europe, USA and Japan to offer best service under strict production control.

RF Coaxial Cable

Under the global trend of Communication Revolution, the mainstream of future telecommunications development is "microwave transmission", "broadband telecommunication service", “ATM", etc. In order to provide more efficient and user-friendly services on various needs such as voice, data, video, text and multimedia, it has become an inevitable trend of the communications revolution.

Optical Fiber

In this era of rapid and massive transmission of information, optical communication has excellent characteristics such as low attenuation, wide band and no induction. The various optical cables produced by our company are widely used in various optical communication fields.

Devices for quality control