Building the Next Generation Network Infrastructure


Tai Tung was founded in 1981. The headquarters was established in New Taipei Industrial Park, Xinzhuang District. In 1988, the rapid expanding growth of the company had outgrown the original factory. For the long-term development, it established a factory in Guanyin Industrial Area, Guanyin Township, Taoyuan County in 2007. In recent years, the scale of Tai Tung has been expanding, and 5G has driven the demand for communication cable market. Based on the concept of sustainable operation, Tai Tung purchased the land in New Taipei Industrial Park, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City in 2016 which was planned to build up Tai Tung Corporation Headquarters. In 2019, it also purchased a 13,568 square meters of land and another 24017.93 square meters of land in Haihu Industrial Area, Luzhu for the use of production base.

|Integrity and honesty as business philosophy|

Tai Tung continues to innovate, research and improve production techniques to produce high-quality communication cables as its main business. "Integrity and honesty" is the business philosophy, and "implement management of quality first and satisfy customer’s demand of quality and service" is the quality policy. Take "the most professional communication cable manufacturer" as the development strategy. With outstanding commercial credit, leading technology, Tai Tung has the leading position in the communication cable industry. Its excellence of operation has earned recognitions. Tai Tung was awarded the 12th “Little Giant Award” by M.O.E.A. in 2009, the 20th fast revenue growing manufacture award by CommonWealth Magazine in 2008, and the 19th National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises in 2010. In 2011, Tai Tung was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

1st city to have broadband network of 1G with full coverage

After decades of domestic and international communications technology development, Tai Tung provides cables and equipments required for the telecommunications industry and national transport infrastructure, in addition, expanded the business into telecommunication market with experiences of participating in domestic and international large-scale optical fiber city constructions for many years. Tai Tung won the bid for the "Taipei City Fiber Optic Network Outsourcing Construction and Operation" in 2011 then established a subsidiary, Taifo, in 2012 to take charge of this business. Taifo signed a 25-year "Build-Operate-Transfer" contract with Taipei City Government. The contract aims to deploy and operate the city-wide optical fiber network with the investment of official resources, improve the current environment for broadband in Taipei City, and build up a progressive and competitive market for broadband so as to provide services for Taipei City official departments and private applications. After five-year construction, in 2016, the coverage of fiber for households in the city reached more than 99%. From the central office to the end-users, the new generation broadband network was built to provide "unlimited" network speed. The network speed of the city has changed from the Mb into the Gb. It is the first city in Taiwan to have a broadband network of which speed above 1G with full coverage!

Devoted to International Market

Tai Tung has devoted time and effort to the international market and also participated in the Singapore government's smart city construction project for a long time. Not only has cooperated with Singapore local telecommunications companies for more than 10 years, but also provided Malaysia with optical fiber cables and network equipment required for national transport infrastructure. In 2016, in response to the long-term market operation and business development, the Singapore subsidiary, SING TUNG TECHNOLOGIES PTE.LTD, was established to provide high-quality services closer to the market and expand into the global market.


With the explosion of business opportunities in global 5G network construction, and the concept of sustainable business operations, Tai Tung will uphold the following:
  1. Provide high-quality, competitively priced optical fiber products, with the replacement and application of 5G data centers.
  2. Integrate communication products, deepen the business relationship with customers and subsidiaries in various fields, expand product sales market, and step into system integration project business to become a “FTTH manufacturer of all-round products and services"
  3. With the experience of participating in domestic and international tenders, Tai Tung can grasp the business opportunities in the communication market, establish cooperative relationships with overseas partners, probe the local market, and then open up the telecommunications market of other countries
  4. Continue to pay attention to the development of the communications industry and develop products which can comply with the market trend
  5. Establish a marketing system with a global perspective and regional sales network management, fully grasp the market trend, expand business opportunities, and gradually enter the international market
Taken from society, Give back to society

TaiTung adheres to the concept of "taken from society, give back to society," advances technology, manufactures high-quality products, commits to being environmentally friendly and fulfilling social responsibilities. Make efforts to the sustainable development of the environment and society to achieve the core values of co-existence, co-benefit and co-glory of the environment, society and the enterprise.