Building the Next Generation Network Infrastructure


  • Loose tube provides one of the most basic protecting layers for the fibers.
  • Each loose tube comprises of 12 optical fibers with filled jelly compound for prevention of water ingress.
  • The loose tubes are stranded around a central strength member giving more mechanical strength to the cable.
  • Aramid yarns contribute to better mechanical strength without losing the cables' flexibility.
  • Extra aramid yarns adds further tension strength to self-support the aerial cable.

Cable Structure
Fiber Count 12~72 96
Fibers per Subunit 12
Cable Diameter(Approx.)(mm) 14.0 18.0
Cable Weight (Approx.) (kg/km) 160 220
Maximum Tensile Load 4500N
Minimum bending radius Dynamic:20 * OD,  Static:10 * OD
OD=cable outer diameter
Operating temperature range -30℃~60℃
Cable Construction