Building the Next Generation Network Infrastructure

Slotted-Core Ribbon

  • Ribbon fibers are stacked within the slots of the spiral cord, surrounding a central strength member.
  • The core is wrapped by a water blocking tape for water proofing.
  • This design contributes a much smaller cable outer diameter as compare to the loose tube design, Slotted Core Ribbon Type Optical Cables provide the smallest outer diameter contributing space and offer more ease of installation in buried ducts.
  • TCC Slotted-Core Ribbon Type Optical Cables offers up to 300 fiber or more.

Cable Structure
Fiber Count 4~100 200 300
Fibers per Ribbon 4
Number of Slot 5 10 15
Cable Diameter(Approx.)(mm) 14.5 19.0 22.5
Cable Weight (Approx.) (kg/km) 175 300 360
Maximum Tensile Load 3000N
Minimum bending radius Dynamic:20 * OD,  Static:10 * OD
OD=cable outer diameter
Operating temperature range -30℃~60℃
Cable Construction