Building the Next Generation Network Infrastructure

Mono Tube Copper Braid Armored Cable

  • Optical Pig-tails and Patch cord.
  • Ideal use for Optical distribution frame of FTTH.
  • Ideal use for Optical devices and Equipments.
  • Flexible, Durable, and Convenient connection.
  • Flame retardant PVC or Low Smoke Free Halogen Jacket.
  • Good mechanical and environmental properties.

Cable Structure
Fiber Count 12
Loose Tube Diameter(mm) 2.6±0.1
Cable Diameter(Approx.)(mm) 7.0
Cable Weight (Approx.) (kg/km) 95
Maximum Tensile Load 400N
Minimum bending radius Dynamic:20 * OD,  Static:10 * OD
OD=cable outer diameter
Operating temperature range -30℃~60℃
Cable Construction