Building the Next Generation Network Infrastructure

2-12 Fibers Flat Drop

  • Flat Drop Cable is specifically design for indoor applications with Bending Loss insensitive Single-Mode Optical Fiber.
  • Understanding the need to be flexible and having low micro bending sensitivity compare to the regular fiber cables.
  • TCC offers its high resistance low micro bending loss small radii cables for installations between pillars and corners. 
  • This cable design offers much ease as compared to conventional cables and minimum striping requirement.

Cable Structure
Fiber Count 2~12
Strength member Galvanized steel wire
Cable Diameter(Approx.)(mm) 3.1*4.1
Cable Weight (Approx.) (kg/km) 20
Maximum Tensile Load 500N
Minimum bending radius During installation:20 * OD,  After installation:10 * OD
OD=cable outer diameter
Operating temperature range -30℃~60℃
Cable Construction